Abaco Swim Club 5K Open Water Swim

10/15/2014 2:32:34 PM

The race started shortly after 10am on Saturday.  The seas calmed for the event and weather was perfect for Open Water Swimming.  The race was started by Mancer Roberts of the Bahamas Swimming Federation and Open Water official.  Mr. Roberts followed the pack in the lead chase boat.

19 green headed swimmers treaded water waiting for the sound of the start.  As they took off, the large crowd on the dock cheered them on.

It was a successful event with 45 participants.  14 completed the entire 5K course , 22 persons made up relays teams and 9 learn to swim swimmers completed the 1/2 mile swim.  Our overall winner of the 5K was Alec Sands from Swift Swimming with a time of 1:08:22, second was Keith Lloyd from the Sea Bees with 1:11:22 with Kohen Kerr of Barracuda Swimming rounding out the top three with a time of 1:16:03.   Our Masters group, 20 & over was a competitive group with participants from Marsh Harbour and Freeport battling it out.  1st in the females group was Jennifer Cooke and 1st in the males was Craig Stewart.

Our fastest female to complete the 5K course was 13 year old Kate Sims of Abaco Swim Club.  The youngest swimmer who completed the 5K was 10 year old Roman Pinder of Abaco Swim Club.   Taylor Albury also of the Abaco Swim Club made her open water 5k debut in the female 12 & under catagory, swimming a time of 1:31:11.

Our second race was our learn to swim 9 & under who completed a 1/2 mile course with Addison Albury age 6, first, Erica Roberts, 9, second & Meredith Knowles, 7, third, Serena Newton,  9, fourth & Victoria Albury, 7, fifth for the girls and Liam Roberts, 7, first & our youngest participant Silas Albury, 5 second for the boys. 10 & over girls Aaliyah Roberts 1st & Kaylee Roberts 2nd.

After the swimming was completed and trophies awarded the Abaco Swim Club accepted Forest Heights Academy's ice bucket challenge and challenged Abaco to donate to the Ranfurly Homes for Children.  Proceeds from our event will be shared with the Ranfurly Homes for Children.

The Abaco Swim Club extends our gratitude and thanks to all of the participants, spectators, parents and families that supported our event and sponsors that help make it a success. See you next year!

Open Water Results
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Dionisio Carey (12) and Dustin Tynes (14) were the only two swimmers from the Bahamas to compete in the 2010 Florida Gold Coast Swimming Jr. Olympic Championships, March 12-14, in Coral Springs, Florida.
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The Management Committee appointed by the governing body shall have jurisdiction over all matters not assigned by the rules to the referee, judges or other officials and shall have power to postpone events and give directions consistent with rules adopted for conducting any event.
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